Spearfishing Cancun

Get the right price.

We know the feeling of getting ripped off just because you are a tourist! With Be Fun Cancun, all customers are welcome as locals, and it is our pleasure to make you feel at home.

2 Languages available

Everyone on our team speaks both English and Spanish, so you can take advantage of a full experience.

It´s a lifestyle

We are a group of locals in love with the sea and all of the beautiful things Cancún has to offer. We have enjoyed the wildlife for many years and have had great adventures. Now we are dedicated to making more friends and inviting them to discover the beauty of Cancún with us.


Make the most of the flexibility of our tours in some of the most incredible places. Want to fish and snorkel on the same trip? Or perhaps combine traditional snorkeling with the use of a sea-scooter? Our friendly staff will help you get the experience you’ve always dreamed of!

Eco Frendly

BeFun Cancún is committed to the conservation of the environment. Apart from our strict trash clean-up policies as a company, we are affiliated with Precious Plastic Mexico, an organization dedicated to recycling and plastic waste management (Find us on Facebook as Precious Plastic Mexico). Our Lionfish tour is sanctioned by SEMARNAT as a means of preserving the natural Eco-system.

“Exclusive and Secluded”

Tired of crowded beaches? Let Be Fun Cancún take you private and secluded areas so that you can have the beach to yourself!

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What customers say


Toya V

“Such a fun activity!”

Highly recommended. It was very easy to pick up, thanks to Nacho and Ana’s instructions; they put your safety above everything, so you know you’re in good hands. I was able to “fly” underwater, do twists and tricks, all the while exploring under the sea . We saw a couple of turtles, and many starfish; It was beautiful!

I’d recommend this activity for groups, bring a surf shirt or really tight swimming suit, definitely bring a GoPro!

Visited June 2017

Andrea D


Esta súper padre! Son súper buenas gentes todos y el subwing está muy divertido y no se necesita experiencia solo energía!!


Santiago MO

“Manera única y espectacular de conocer el caribe”

Solamente en el caribe se puede disfrutar al máximo una actividad como esta. Andar en las voladoras es toda una experiencia, sin igual. Nacho y Ana te tratan como rey, se dan el tiempo de explicar todo con cuidado, son muy agradables y se preocupan de que aproveches el tour al máximo.

El tour es muy relajante y muy muy divertido. Los colores del agua te hacen pensar que estás volando y, por la profundidad, alcanzas a bajar fácilmente a explorar (yo vi como 10 estrellas de mar regadas por el fondo del mar). Además, la velocidad a la que te jala la lancha es muy manejable, así que siempre te sientes en control. No vas a querer que acabe.

Vale la pena 100%.

Muchas gracias Ana y Nacho!

Visited June 2017