Excursions in Cancun done the unique way

Spearfishing Cancun and Fresh Sashimi $250 per/person


Scuba Diving Cancun $110 per/person


Private Fishing Cancun From $380 usd per Boat


All in One Full day Cancun Beach to Isla Mujeres only $530 per Boat!


Fly Underwater Snorkeling in Cancun $140 usd per/person


FREEDIVING – Cancun Attractions $150 usd per/person


Why our Excursions in Cancun are unique?

Excursions in Cancun, when we say unique experience we mean it. I got to Cancun 10 years ago. In addition, we arrived at this paradise I fell in love as soon as I arrived to the ocean. So the first thing I did was get certified as a scuba diver and discovered a whole new world. After scuba diving for the first 3 years. After that, I decided to take this to next level and became a Dive Master. But this was just the beginning. After being evolve in such a unique world, I start to do Freediving. Therefore, I was blown away of this new sport. So I got certified as a freediver. As a result, I got introduced to spearfishing, and I just couldn’t get enough of it. Soon the word got out that I was going out to the ocean with my family. Consequently, we were eating and living of the ocean. That’s when friends and family ask to join us on this adventures. So we as a family where having so much fun taking people to our unique spots. Above all, staying away from all the tourist spots that where clouded, and typical quick mass people excursion in Cancun. After a year of having friends and more friends in this excursion, I decided to quit my job. So we create Be Fun Cancun. 

What happen when we opend Be Fun Cancun?

This was the best decision of our lives. Now we get to meet new friends all around the world. Above all, give excursion in Cancun a whole new way. Therefore, we started by recommending the secrets spots, excursion, activities, sports etc. And you’re only thing to do is to enjoy Cancun on a whole new level. Here in Cancun that are a lot of offer of excursions. So it has become a market where companies only have one goal, to make as much money as they can. So they make deals with restaurants, transportations, and hotels. As a result, the one that give more commissions and best rate are the “Best” partners. So they can offer a all-inclusive excursion. The problem with this arrangements, is that it doesn’t, necessarily mean they will take to the best restaurant, hotel or excursion. So it is very common that if you book a excursion with a big company, the quality of your experience is very low.

Our Mission

Since the beginning, my main goal is to share a unique excursions in Cancun. When I founded Be Fun Cancun, we have a mission of focusing on giving the best excursions in Cancun. Consequently, really recommend the best restaurants, tips, hotels, transportation service but, in the interest of our clients. Most importantly, a place where people can enjoy what we have learn all these years. We do NOT make arrangements with all the third party that are involved in our excursions. Therefore, we can honestly say that anything involved with Be Fun Cancun is a guarantee on quality. So we try our best to give our clients exactly what they are looking for. Whether it be a recommendation for a public beach in Cancun, a secluded beach, unique local food, or high end restaurants. You name it and we will make it happen.

Take a look at Flying Underwater Snorkel Excursion so you can see for your self

We do what we Love

Firstly, the Excursions in Cancun that we offer are unique and local . Therefore, you will be fascinated with the uniqueness and personal treatment on each of our excursions. Secondly we are a group of locals in love with the sea and all of the beautiful things Cancun has to offer. Above all we have enjoyed snorkeling in Cancun, gone on the best beaches in Cancun for many years. In addition, we have had great adventures, Spearfishing, Pole Fishing, Diving, Freediving Scuba Diving etc. But most importantly we are dedicated to making more friends to join us and discover what to do in Cancun. After that, we can offer unique Excursions in Cancun hands down.

Our Passion 

Thirdly we are dedicated on the search for the best places to visit in Cancun. In addition, we have a great passion for finding unique secrets spots for snorkel, spearfishing or diving out of the crowds and full of marine life. However, you won´t have to worry for cookie cutters typical tourist excursions. In addition, we guarantee all our experiences and you will be exited to try new activities. So you will have professionals and experts in each excursion to secure the safety at all times. In conclusion the only thing you need to do, is to have lots and lots of FUN! and welcome to our family. We can guarantee that you will have an experience of a life time.


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